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The son of an artist, I have been taking photos since age 7. I’m a New York City based wildlife and nature photographer. Exploring nature is a great way to relax and a fine contrast to the concrete jungle I call home.

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Guestbook for Morris Bennett Altman
Dan Hawkes(non-registered)
Hi Morris, I was literally blown away as I looked at your wildlife and bird images. They evoke a deep emotional response that I have not experienced before when viewing a photograph. As many have said, you have a special gift that is expressed and shared with us through your love of photography. It is indeed a privilege to have been given advice from a photographer of your caliber - thank you Morris.
Jim Groner(non-registered)
You are phenomenal... 66 yr. old trying to learn. Been snapping pics for 35 yrs. and have looked at tons. You are heads above the best...
Simone DeJeffries(non-registered)
Such a wonderfully eclectic collection of fine art, your wondrous interpretation of light and shade is a mind boggling nod to the old masters.

I see shades of Man Ray and Cartier Bresson, in your wonderful images. You have a very special talent indeed, I'm sure you get complimented daily for your eye for beauty.

You are both inspired and inspirational, I doff my hat to you Sir.

You are a true master of your craft, and I salute your very unique talent.
Robert King(non-registered)
Saw that little icon below your picture and decided to click it. Glad I popped over here. I like your bio sentences and your picture. It is good to know you Morris. I see the results of all those years of experience you have.

Your nature photography is superb.

Anyone who loves nature has a friend in me.

Lois Miller(non-registered)
Thanks for giving me such joy viewing your photos and learning from you.
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